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I found my passion for teaching in the spring of 2020. I had knowledge that I had gained over the course of several years, and wanted to share with other photographers. I opened up mentorships via Zoom and quickly realized how happy they made me. My goal became to make education and resources affordable to other photographers. So that’s just what I did. Over the last few years, I have not only done many 1:1 mentorships, but probably 100’s of online mentorships as well. I’d LOVE to help you as you navigate this sometimes difficult industry, and share some secrets that I’ve learned that I KNOW you will benefit from!! Are you ready to level up? 

1:1 mentorship

online mentorship

These mentorships are geared towards one-on-one, in-person learning. I will set up a styled family, motherhood or maternity shoot. You will shoot alongside me as I work with the client. I will discuss my thought process during the shoot, camera settings, lighting and how I am able to achieve genuine, non-forced emotions from the client. Once the shoot is complete, we will set up a 1.5 hour online, or in-person meeting to go over the session. We will look at your workflow, your communication with clients, how to style clients and so much more.

But it won’t end there. You can reach out to me ANYTIME if you have questions or just need a little advice. I understand the struggles that come with this industry and I want to be a support to you in anyway I can. 

My one hour, online mentorships are done via Zoom. Need help nailing your editing style? I can help. Need help with your pricing? We can discuss it. Feeling like you need some advice on how to style your clients? I’m pretty awesome at that! Struggling with your workflow? No problem! Just need some help fine-tuning a few things? Yep. I got you.

The sky is the limit for these and can be custom tailored to fit YOUR needs. I’m here to be your cheerleader and I’m fully invested in your journey. I promise.

i'm in!!

$275 + tax

$500 + tax

i'm in!!

join your fellow photographers, make new friends, learn, and stretch your creativity!

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Jessi Marie Shootouts

When you get to the calendar, scroll to the month of the shoot and you will see the date there. 

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DFW family shoot

Wichita Mountains, OK

Studio Workshop

April 20, 2024

May 31, 2024

June 22, 2024

 6 spots

 7 spots

5 spots

$125 plus tax

$125 plus tax

$200 plus tax

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join me

join me

check out the current shootouts I'm hosting and come join us! Take the pressure off and just come learn. What do you have to lose?

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"I attended one of Jessi’s shootouts and she is so fun to work with! She keeps the family entertained and engaged the entire time while wrangling a whole crew of photographers! She is phenomenal and I can’t wait to attend my next one!"

 -Capri G

"Jessi is a photography magic maker 🌟 and also an awesome educator! So true, authentic, and artistic...I have loved having the opportunity to attend anything she hosts."

- Ricae F.

"I’ve taken a editing mentorship and attended several of Jessis shootouts! She’s one of my favorite BEC leaders! Can’t recommend her enough!!!"